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lens detection menu question


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I got my new M8 back after sending it off with a few of my old lenses for focus shift adjustment. Now I have at least 2 lenses that focus reasonably well (depending on the distance & stop) & a bunch that still don't & will need to get tweaked.


Just wondering, what do you recommend setting in the menu for a non coded lens that has the uv/ir filter. Just I select On + uv/ir. Or leave it on off.





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I beg to differ. I keep my M8 set to "UV/IR" all the time, BUT my uncoded lenses are all 50mm or longer, where you have to have a remarkably monomaniacal mindset to discover any real problems with cyan shift. And contrary to what Leica Camera may intimate in the camera manual, doing this will not cause a hardware meltdown either.


For shorter lenses, at least shorter than 35mm, you have to tell the camera not to apply the cyan shift correction.


The old man from the Age of the Yellow Filter

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The only uncoded lens I use is a 35mm pre-ASPH Summilux. I leave the lens detection on when I use it and haven't noticed a problem with colour drift in the corners. If I had lenses wider than that without coding I'd certainly switch the lens detection off.


It's possible there'd be an improvement if I switched detection off when I'm using this lens, but I know sure as eggs are eggs that at some point I'd forget to switch it back on again when I used a coded lens.


So to answer your original question, it depends on the focal length of the lens.

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AFAIK the M8 does not apply any correction unless it positively recognizes a code and it is valid for the engaged frame lines.


I leave mine on all the time and have only seen a false lens id from uncoded lenses on a very few occasions. All have been identified as a Tele-Elmarit 90 (a screw head in the right place) and as such no correction has been applied. The exif data was off cause incorrect, but that was it.


- Carl

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I leave mine on all the time and have only seen a false lens id from uncoded lenses on a very few occasions.


I had an uncoded Voigtlander 90mm lens identified as a 21mm lens, but that was only for a couple of shots and I think it was due to light leakage onto the sensor as I was using an adaptor with a cut out near the sensor area.

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