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Megatron - great service

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I have just had my two Westons, a 1965 Weston Master V and my fathers old 1956 Weston Master III, serviced and repaired by Megatron.


Very helpful people, great communication and very reasonable prices. I have no connection with them other than being a very satisfied customer.



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I have a Weston Master V and a Megatron manufactured Euro-Master II and we have Quality Light Metric for service here in the US, also excellent. It is good to hear that Megatron provides service, but a pity that they seem to have stopped making the meters. Do you have any idea why apart from a drop in demand?



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Peter - still available - as far as I know - through JohnDesq.


Once in the site proper click on 'Specs'.


He has a good resource on the Westons.

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Thanks I do remember that site from when I was buying mine, but they were much cheaper to buy direct from Tottenham. Now it seems Megatron are no longer selling direct to customers...



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    • By S.L.Dixon
      I have had a M6 (serial number is in the 1665000 range) for about 7 years now and to be honest, haven't used it a lot in the last few years, but fired it up again recently and noticed that I think the light meter is functioning odd. In the past, I could press the shutter button when the film wasn't wound on and the light meter would activate, briefly, and then I could set the exposure. Now it doesn't do that, but when I wind film on, it will activate the light meter and not turn off until a photo is taken.
      I ran a roll of film through and it works fine - i.e the exposures were fine - it just seems to activate differently that it used to. Is this a common thing anyone knows about?
      I live in Melbourne, Australia and it's tough to get a repairer here who will look at an M6.  Any advice would be REALLY helpful. 
      Thanks in advance!
      (Also, I added a photo of my camera just 'cause it's a nice looking thing.)

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
    • By Michael Morley
      I have had a D-Lux 5 Titanium edition for over 6 years and the  part of the zoom lever that extends beyond the camera body has broken off, leaving just a very tiny portion that I can use to operate the zoom, but with some difficulty. Is it possible to get the zoom lever replaced in the USA (Ilive in Chile but will be visiting Florida in the next few months) and do you have any idea of approximately how  much this would cost? Any helpful advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.  
    • By Maien_
      Hello there!
      I feel like something is wrong with my Leica M6, but I can't confirm as it's my very first Leica (and I LOVE it).
      When it is 'powered' (fresh new batteries and not on Bulb mode), if I press the shutter half-way or even all-the-way, I don't get any reading in the viewfinder.
      The light meter is powered on and giving me a reading only when the wind lever has been pulled completely and the camera is ready to take a picture.
      While I can still use the camera properly, in specific light conditions (low light, cloudy and changing light) it's a bit risky to use as sometimes I have to wait 10-15 mins to have the natural lighting I'm looking for and the trigger could be pressed by inadvertence at any moment.
      Could you guys please confirm that:
      This is not normal, and the light meter should give me a reading even though I didn't pull the lever (as long as the camera is not on Bulb mode) It wouldn't be too crazy to fix as it should 'just' be a connection missing Thank you in advance.
    • By nbhung
      Hi Guys,
      I've been using my M6 TTL without an issue for sometime and then I left it dormant for around a year when I left the country...
      Now the meter wont work
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden! , the M6 would work fine and still take pictures if exposed correctly with an external light meter, but the mechanism now would not turn on.   
      I'm based in NYC and have sent it to the Leica repair and they sent it back saying that they can't fix it because they "no longer have the parts", I contact Sherry Krauter and she said that she gets her parts from Leica, so if they don't have it, she won't either.
      So really now I'm just asking for help!
    • By miikka
      I was not sure if I should start a new thread for this simple question, but here it goes. I purchased Leica MP (used) just little over month ago. Just last week we got our first cold weathers this winter here in Finland. I have shot with the MP for many rolls without any problems. At first cold weathers the battery died, so I replaced it with brand new one. Now when I was shooting my first roll with the new battery in ~ -3 °C, after a while when the camera got cold my light meter stopped showing the overexposure led. Other leds work fine and the lightmeter does seem to work fine otherwise. I still have warranty left on the camera because I bought it from store. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this and if this could be because of my batteries. I used Duracell DL1/3N battery, instead of the recommended CR1/3N. At the moment the led seems to work fine, when the camera is at the room temperatures.
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