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UV Filters with Slip On Lens Caps?


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Hello all. I am new to the Leica forum, and am excited to be part of this community.


I recently purchased my first Leica (an M7) with a 50 Summicron lens. I would like to protect the lens with a UV filter, but it the filter seems incompatible for use with the slip on lens cap.


FYI - my only purpose to use the UV lens is to protect the glass on the lens.


What is everyone else doing? Should I purchase the snap on lens cap to use with the filter, or go filterless altogether?

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I have never used a lens cap on any of my lenses. UV filter (or a UV/IR on the M8) and a shade is all that adorns the front of the lenses whether they are on the camera or, in the bag.


Inside the bag I always have a small, clean piece of soft chamois leather and gently wipe the filter when it becomes soiled. Never ended up with cleaning marks or scratches on lenses or filters and some of my lenses are over 50 years old......





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