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Please help: Weird Negatives.

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These two pictures were taken with my M2. They were taken with different lenses (CV 25/4 and Summicron 40) and were developed at different labs. My question is: just what is that dark stripe at the top? Those dark stripes are also quite obvious on the negatives. I don't know what the problem is, someone please help. Thanks.




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Seems like a problem with the shutter. The blinds are not travelling evenly. It's probably in need of a Clean Lubricate Adjust. Unless it has just been done, properly.

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Seems like a problem with the shutter. The blinds are not travelling evenly.


I don't think so. In the M2 the shutter travels along the long axis of the image.


Let's list what we know about the problem

- All pictures exhibit what appears to be a dark strip

- the strip is clearly delimited and of constant width

- the width of the strip is roughly one twentieth the width of the image, i.e. on the order of 1 mm on the negative.

- the strip is produced on the bottom side of the camera


I can not really tell if the problem lies in a dark strip.


I could very well imagine that the remaining nineteen twentieth of the image are brighter on account of some stray light entering the camera. I also seem to observe that there is a gradient running from the bottom of the image (darker) to the top of of the image, up to the darker strip (where the image appears to be brightest).


As far as I can see, there is quite some haze across all of the picture.


Sending the camera to a workshop seems to be a good idea.

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On my screen the dark portion at top is correct and close to the exposure at the very bottom of frame, and then you have a double burn fading downwards which is effecting the print. I would jsut send the camera off with prints, negs, and an explanation of the circumstances you made the frames and and let whoever sevices determine where the light leak is.

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Bimey, of course the shutter is travelling horizontally in a Leica! You guys are probably right: stray light coming from a leak somewhere, maybe from some straight horizontal slit on the bottom side of the camera.


The camera is quite useless until it's patched. I have had some light seals replaced in some swing-open SLRs and it hasn't been very expensive. It takes a little while to scratch the old foam rubbers (or whatever) and precisely cutting the new ones, though, so it's not the fastest job, if not the most tool-demanding.


I haven't had light leaking problems with a Leica, though, so I wouldn't know where they normally appear. One guess would be the bottom plate, but is there any foam rubber there? Or can it only be bent in order to leak light? What about the back "door" then? Maybe the bayonet can also leak, but could the leak be straight then? Maybe if it's "filtered" through the shutter.

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      Hey everyone, 
      I just got my m2 off ebay and had a look through the viewfinder only to see 2 main very noticeable spots. I attached a picture and the one on the lower left looks much dimmer and looks like a dot and a hair almost? It's kind of light greyish and I think it's a particle or dust but I'm not quite sure. However, in the middle the speck seems much darker (basically black) and more prominent. Could this be separation or is it another speckle of dust (imo it doesn't seem like one). If this has happened to you or you know what it is, any input on how to fix or your thoughts would would be greatly appreciated! 
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      Der Fehler tritt meistens auf wenn der Zähler bereits bei 20 -25 Bildern steht. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass der Film zwischendurch die Spannung verliert oder über die Zähne rutscht. 
      Ist jemanden so etwas schon mal passiert oder kennt sogar jemand die Lösung?
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      Ich danke vorab für das Interesse.

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