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Image files comparison G1 to Lx3/DLux4


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At native ISO LX3 almost holds up with G1, anything higher G1 just runs away. But is itself behind M8 and RD1.

Did you really expect anything else?

Each of the above cameras is different and not really replacable by the other.

In my ranking (I use all):


M8 best overall IQ up to 640 ISO

RD1 best IQ high ISO and B&W

LX3 good IQ for the size--portability, poor at higher ISO

G1 jack of all trades, especially for zooms and longer f-lengths


For G1 I discovered recently a curious application. It produces a good, flexible picture for B&W conversion and post in NIK SilverFX


LX3 on the other hand gives an interesting B&W look out of the camera at the BW setting

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I have no experience of digilux, I heard it's really good.

I printed 13x19 from Leica D-lux3 (Panasonic LX2) and it turned out surprisingly good. The rule is as low ISO as possible and RAW capture. Good light is also essential (natural or artificial). I didn't use any uprezzing software. Although I have Genuine Fractals I don't really find it necessary for good quality shot from 10MP going up to 13x19.

A commercial photographer here used a D-lux3 for a billboard campaign with success.

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About G1--I really enjoy using it as an ancient plate camera...(below in NIK SilverFX).

I have to admit I have a problem with the unprocessed G1 files. They are hyperreal to me, "digital", "videoish".

M8 and Rd1 have a much more "filmic" look, whatever that means . My postprocessing of their files is minimal.

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