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M8 and long exposures


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I was pretty keen to see how the M8 handled long exposures, especially coming from a background of using medium format for such exposures.


During this weekends documentary trip, I decided to try a 5 shot panoramic with the M8, just for kicks. The end result has blown me away. Shots are out of the camera, joined in Photoshop, all taken around 30sec/f16/160ISO


Orania Panoramic on Flickr - Photo Sharing!


For a small sensor, it performed incredibly well and the metering of the M8 was impressive to say the least.


Those who continually harp on about there not being enough quality from this sensor, obviously aren't using it right.

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I entirely agree with you about long exposures and have found the M8 to handle night shooting very well. One of the secrets of DNGs from the M8 is the amount of detail that can be recovered from the shadows, especially at ISO 160. I've found that at higher ISOs noise starts to become a problem quite quickly in recovered shadow detail.



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