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Fascinating interior, rich B&W: this D-Lux 4 does wonders in front of a sharp eye and in skilled hands.


I couldn’t resist straightening the last shot’s perspective. Unfortunately some of the floor got cropped in the process.


Best regards,





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Marie-Louise -


Thank you for inviting us into your home. Beautiful depth, detail, light contrast,and tonal range. Regarding the last, perhaps some correction, but not as much as Max applied so that we can still have the impact of the floor?

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. And as Stuart said, that's a nice little home you have.


Thanks all for the attention to our homely little mansion.... Goddammit polishing those floors is a killing job with all the visitors we have :D


Of course any of you would be more than welcome next time your in town...


Thanks also very much for commenting to the images of course !


@ Max: You did so well with those vertical lines. I wish I had your skills in this respect, but I only got to the lesson about levels and curves in Photoshop. Thank you very much !

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