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Swiper the Fox


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This is how the kids have promptly named her...

We were fishing today (they fish; I take pictures!) and she went for a drink right in front of us, on the other side of the stream. Then, as quickly as she came, she disappeared, living the kids with a big smile on their faces.

Thanks for watching.

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I would understand a dog or a cat coming in to drink when I'm fishing over here where I live but a fox ...

.. wow, that's superb.

Both are excellently captured with the first being my favourite by a hair.

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It's the chance that counts, Ivan. Just the luck of being there at the right time. I had the camera in my hands; If I didn't, I wouldn't surely have had the time to reach for it. Everything was over in a metter of seconds, and she was gone...

Thanks again for watching.

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