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You Make Me Strong


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I hope my dissent will be read constructively: I believe this fine image deserves even better post-processing!


I think the subject & capture are great, but I have trouble with the tones. IMO the highlights go 'over the top'. I'd like to see more of a classical 'Zone system' treatment, with more highlight detail - via Shadow/Highlight tool or Curve or Brightness/Contrast (or some of all 3).


Just one person's view....


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Thank you all for your kind words..


Kirk....I think if you come on this site it should be with a view to take on board all criticism as long as it is constructive, because it is here where we learn, I fully welcome your dissent and hope to improve as a result of the forums many different views.

I have tried to show a different working of this image, although I am not sure if it is any better...or worse!!


Thank you.

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