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M6 shutter noise at low speeds

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Why do you think the sound is strange? It sounds perfectly normal to me. Nothing to worry about.


Because I've never ever used any Leica M before that's why I asked.


Anyway, thank you so much ! 

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@ mababoonz: Mechanical film Leica shutters are timed by clockwork. There are lots of gears whirring around under spring power that hold back the second shutter curtain for the appropriate time to give an exposure of 1 second or 1/8th second or whatever it is set for.


You push the button - curtain one opens - gears spin for a specific time, and then release second curtain. Sort of a "time-delay fuse."


There are separate sets of gears/clockwork for various ranges of speeds: BULB; 1s to 1/8th second; 1/15-1/50th (sync speed - lightning-bolt symbol); 1/60th-1/1000th (where the gears actually adjust the DISTANCE between the curtains, rather than the time: narrower spacing/slit = shorter exposure time). If your fingertips are sensitive, you can feel the gears "shift" between each range (a little extra resistance), as you turn the shutter dial through the whole range.


Without even listening to your recording, I'm betting your mystery sound at 1/15-1/30 sounds like a ball-bearing dropping on a table-top. A "TICK-ticktick" sound. It IS normal. Not sure exactly what it is, mechanically. Just the clockwork specific to those speeds.

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On 2/16/2021 at 5:11 AM, hetoog said:

I’m using Leica m since 1988 (m4p m2 m6 m8 m9) so i know how times should sound. Bought a m6 today and at 1/15 th it sounds like this. Thats odd isn’t it!? 

Sounds like a bullit passing by.

haven’t loaded it with film yet. At 1/8 th its normal again

Sounds like the squeak my old Canon A-1 used to make. 

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