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Warranty and dropped M8


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My M8 fell out of my bag as I was pulling it out of my trunk (about 2 feet to the concrete). the camera seems fine except for the fact that the rangefinder does not work properly. The patch only moves for part of the lens focus travel and is not accurate. If I am lucky, it is an issue of the rangefinder mechanism being whacked out of alignment. the camera is still under warranty.


My question is whether this should go back to Leica for adjustment or should I send it to Don Goldberg at D.A.G. (because of speed and known quality of work)? Would sending to D.A.G. void my warranty? Are there other things that should be checked by Leica, or are there adjustments only they could make?





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If you have the Passport cover then accidental damage is covered as well as normal warranty items


If you haven't go the Passport, then Leica will probably charge you, in which case you can send it where you like. As to voiding the rest of the warranty, you would need to speak with Leica CS in New Jersey.


If it were my M8, I'd send it to Leica during the warranty period, even if it is accidental damage.

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