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The Grant Avenue Park basketball court...


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Shot with a DMC-L1 (fooled ya, eh?). I'd planned to do some street photography at the informal "First Friday" open-air art show held each month in downtown Phoenix, but the area was experiencing a haboob (for you non-desert dwellers, that's a wind/sandstorm) when I arrived, so I decided instead to stay in my car and drive around the warehouse district, where I had exposed many rolls and sheets of film with my view cameras a decade ago. Which is how I happened upon this empty park, located just south of an electrical substation on Grant Avenue.


I didn't notice her at first, but the girl in the third photo politely stood off to the side of the court while I was photographing it. When I finally did notice her, I invited her to go ahead and play, which she did. When her boyfriend showed up a few minutes later, though, he got all huffy and in my face and demanded to know what I was photographing and why. He wasn't satisfied with my original answers ("whatever catches my eye" and "for me", respectively), but once I dumbed-it-down and told him it was just a hobby, he smiled and said "Okay" then left me alone.


I think I'll revisit the area again this evening, as I sense some potential in these photos. (Note that these are minimally processed from the .jpgs, not the RAW files ... due to the wide dynamic range covered, I suspect those will produce a bit better image.)

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