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D-Lux 4


.....To me these two fathers looked as if they were in for a loooong Sunday with their offspring :D


(Would have liked less DOF - the background being too sharp. But this was really one of those situations where I fail to do the right things when time is of essence :o )


Thanks for looking !

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Marie-Louise- Agree about the DOF, but no problem IMO it's a very nice background beautiful buildings.. nonetheless an excellent capture, wonderful tones and crisp detail.

Looking at this shot, I'm so pleased my son is 19 and entertains himself.

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I join the crowd here and say that it's a very nice image, story is great, so is the background. I find the dyads (boys in eye contact, dads talking, adjacent to each other) much more interesting. I bet the dads are talking about work :D while it's the boys who are plotting what's next!



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Mike. Stuart, Bo, Ece, Amado and Enrico


Thank you all very much for the kind attention. I really appreciate to hear your thoughts !


@Amado: You're quite right. One of the very few shortcomings of the D-Lux 4 is exactly the limited DOF capabilities.


You might otherwise tend to think that this little camera works like a "grown up", but obviously, this is an occasion where you're being reminded that it is not entirely.....

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