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fix for on/off switch


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I keep on missing the 'S' position on the power switch, or i am trying to take a picture, but the self timer is set. before i take out my gaffer tape, has anyone come up with a neater solution for the badly designed switch?


on a side note: i really like my m8, it's actually the nicest digital camera i ever had, and i had and have dozens, but it is astonishing, that the all the things that are great about handling it are the things that were designed for the m3, with most of the 'modern' features leica messed up, like putting buttons for functions that are secondary, but missing the important ones, or the on/off switch or the fiddly hook for the baseplate or the idiocy not having the 'set' button in the center of the wheel or not having an iso button or not having the histogram coming up in preview without pushing a button.

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