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still life in heavy rain


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In "Camera" published by Bucher in Luzern, way back in the '70s? Edited by Alan Porter?




EXACTLY! I hope my memory is correct, I think, there was a monography about Sudek! But I`m not sure! It is just an association, my few editions are stored away since years ago!

Anyway, Sudek is a great phtographer! best Wolfhard

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Now there's a little Phaidon book about him, but it has only a few of his garden pictures.


Your photograph reminds me especially of "Window of My Studio with Blossom," 1950.


I wish I could've seen the 1995 exhibition that you mentioned!




PS, this isn't the photograph I was thinking of, but I think it's a 'brother' or 'sister,' or at least a cousin, of your shot:



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Thank you for your kind words!

It was a retrospective exhibition,- in a very nice historic building.


@ Kirk,- great Link, very interesting! Thank you!

@ Enrico,- the lens is in Hongkong now, I sold it, I kept a newer, black version.


Best regards Wolfhard

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