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Epson 3800 - operational space requirements

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I'm about 99% sure I'm going to acquire an Epson 3800 for my home office. After extensive research, the only remaining question that I've not been able to answer from this forum (or others, for that matter) is how much space the device actually requires for routine operations.


I have a cabinet next to my computer that's 36" wide x 20" deep ... the back of this cabinet sits against a wall, but there's a lot of unobstructed floor space in front. There are no obstructions above this cabinet. I'm trying to understand whether this cabinet will be an appropriate location for this printer.


I know the dimensions when all covers are closed (10.3" tall x 27.5" wide x 14.9" deep) and the dimensions when all covers are fully open and extended (22.8" tall x 27.5" wide x 37.9" deep.) It appears the 37.9" depth is a 'worst case' dimension designed to accommodate every possible use of this printer.


I'm aware that to use the Front Feed feature I would need to leave enough space behind the printer to allow the paper to be drawn through before printing. I'm also aware the Rear Feed feature requires space behind the printer. However, I don't expect to use either the Front Feed or Rear Feed feature very often, if ever. I expect to use the Auto Sheet Feed for 99+% of my printing.


So ... this is my specific question. With the Auto Sheet Feed in place, how close to the wall can the printer be placed for normal operation if one doesn't plan to use either Front Feed or Rear Feed? I understand the Auto Sheet Feed tray requires some space behind the basic printer footprint, but I'm not sure how much space it actually requires. I can't find this specific information on any discussion forum or in the Epson literature.


I presume that if less than 5" inches of clearance behind the printer is needed, then this 20" deep cabinet would work for this purpose (i.e. 15" printer depth + 5" horizontal clearance to accommodate the Auto Sheet Feed.) Can anybody here confirm what clearance behind the basic printer footprint is required if the Front Feed or Rear Feed features are not being used?


Any help from current 3800 owners would be quite useful. I would be most grateful for the assistance.

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Robert, you will have no problems at all. BTW I just bought the printer on Friday and am VERY happy with the results:)


To answer your question: because the paper can rest against the wall you don’t need to pull out the paper guide to its full length even if you print the maximum paper size A2. In this case the distance from the wall to front edge is less than 18" (picture 1). If you pull out the guides to its full length the footprint will be 22" (picture 2).


Have fun with your decision and the printer!





Picture 1



Picture 2


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Well, the printer arrived late last week and I set it up last evening. Haven't printed any images yet, but the physical installation worked out just as well as I had hoped. The information (and images) you guys provided were a tremendous help ... thanks so much for the assistance. :)

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