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Hands in Pockets.


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I like the pose and the concept. The environment adds to the atmosphere of the image. However, I must say the image is a bit tight on the right hand side. As if he will lean right out of the frame. This creates a visual tension for me that I don't believe is particularly well suited to the image content. I think the image would emote better for me if there were more space in front of this gentlemen. But then, who am I to criticize Ivan :o I'm crawling away now.....

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" But then, who am I to criticize Ivan :o I'm crawling away now....."





thank you all for taking the time to look and to comment and as always, it's greatly appreciated.



@ Jeff -


IMO, you're not criticizing me but simply saying what you feel. Nothing wrong with that my friend.

I also see what you mean and there's an explanation...

... I had to crop slightly from the left ( this image is flipped btw) and slightly from the bottom...

..reason being, I didn't like the cars parked very close ( EDIT - in one of Malta's many narrow streets :o) to this gentlemen.

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I didn't like the cars parked very close

They must've been not so sexy modern cars!:rolleyes:..............:D

Though I can see where Jeff is coming from....I would agree with you and your desire to crop. but...I'd still be interested to look at the original.

Also, I find it interesting how the building has enough 'shine' to enable a subtle reflection.



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Jeff, MIKE and Amado -


Thank you gentlemen.



Amado - In actual fact, it's a white modern 'landrover type' car that's parked further up this gentlemen.

Had to rotate slightly the image to get the walls vertical and cropped the car out.

The 'shine' on the building you mention is due to the ' ugly' plastic based paint that was and sometimes still applied to facades to keep out the rain from reaching the stonework.

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