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Street magic


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Thanks to everyone for your comments. Stuart, I was just picking up a package at the Haitian consulate on Madison between 39th & 40th & had to run home. BTW this the LX3. Leica & Panasonic hit a home-run with this baby. This camera should make them both a ton of money.


I was out shooting on 110 street & a man from Japan saw me with my LX3. He had the D Lux 4 & wanted to use my LX3. We swapped cameras for a few minutes. We both took images with both cameras of the same subjects.. He was upset that he couldn't see any difference in the images. He said he liked the LX3 better because of the grip. Funny guy, he really got upset.

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Ben, I'm curious to know what the guy is doing, and what is that orange spot?!


I'm also curious that you couldn't see any difference in the images between the Panasonic and Leica. We hear all this nonsense about different lens coatings and firmware, but I've yet to see any conclusive proof in the end results. That said, given a choice of course I'd pick the Leica, but its the lens wot matters and they are the same in all the Panaleica's ;)

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