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Sensor Upgrade Possible?


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Would it be possible to upgrade the M8 to a full-frame sensor? That is one upgrade that I would be seriously looking into.


Instead of R&D'ing an M9, just work with the M8 chassis and develop a sort of M8.ff


And the framelines; perhaps use existing subassemblies from previous M's. :D

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I wouldn't go QUITE as far as Jaap, but the reality is that, while it might be very possible to physically fit a FF sensor into the M8 chassis (or so we hope, since we don't the body to grow), it would require pretty much a complete replacement of everything BUT the chassis:


A) Most of the downstream electronics (A/D converter, main processor, buffer memory, etc.) would need replacing to handle the larger data flow - or simply because they will be 4-6 years out of date by the time the FF gets here. Leica is likely going to design the FF M, if any, around the Maestro processor from the S2 - whole new ballgame.


B) Surgery would be needed to replace the framelines, as you mention (and the framelines surgery NOW to upgrade is $1000 all by itself).


C) The shutter may need to be larger (we're still debating that one).


Net result: if it is physically possible, it will be economically impossible - you'd be paying more for the upgrade than just buying a new camera. About all you would get back from your original camera after the upgrade would be the hot shoe with the serial number on it.

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