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Playing with my bellows


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Just acquired a Bellows II & a 65mm Elmar. Played around with this combo this afternoon.

I posted these shots mainly to illustrate the amazing possibilities and combinations with Leica equipment that ranges in age from 50 years old to the present.


#1 The insect is less than 1/4 of the size of a matchstick head.


#3 Close up of the flower in #2.


Thanks for viewing.

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Happy You've found the set... I remember well the postings when you were approaching the bellows... :): very fine the 1st and 2nd... in the third the Elmar is at its limits, imho... is it an "old" or "new" version ? (i.e., chrome or black ?)


Luigi- Thanks for the feedback, I was hoping you would see this post.

Following your advice on the post, I tracked this 0set down from Rahm's in Frankfurt, my wife was there visiting a friend last week and bought it for me. BYTW she says they have an amazing assortment of old Leitz/Leica gear, I'm quite sure nothing to match your collection!

It's a black lens, from the serial no. it's a 1965 model in absolute mint condition.


While we're on this subject of old lenses I've also located a 1948(?) 125mm f2.5 Hektor lens for Visoflex that I'm really interested in buying, any feedback you can give me on this lens would be appreciated.


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A Hektor 125 from 1948 ? Uhm... it had indeed a long gestation (first item, afaik, dated 1950 - official introduction 1954) but '48 seems strange to me too: have you some news(pics on s/n, engravings etc...?

Anyway, the Hektor 125 is a very interesting item for collection, and aesthetically is very pleasant - the styling is "Summarex-like" : sparkling chrome, bulky dimensions, big glass in front, with the funny addon that the Hektor with hood reversed+caps looks like a curios "can". It has also a number of variants that are appealing for collectors (the very first were marked "12 cm"... the Wetzlars are rarer than Canadians... the hood has had different engravings...).

For use it is not so practical : the lens unit can be mounted on bellowsII+Viso, but in this configuration the Tele Elmar 135 f4 lenshead has about the same range of usage, and better rendering (macro with a 125 at f 2,5 is nearly nonsense, btw). Without bellows it is a fine portrait lens... but, again, the Tele Elmarit 135 f2,8 is a lot easier to manage and can play a similar role (and, lenshead removed, can also be used as macro lens, even if not so good as the TE f4). If I must imagine a specific role for the Hektor 125... I'd say a special taste "studio lens"... with Viso, on tripod, for portraits or still life... but, definitely, just for amateurs of such "oldies".


Of course if you are into "collector's mood" is a lens to have : is one of the focals outside the classical Leitz "tele duo" 90+135.... given that you just bought the 65... a serious collector MUST go from 50 to 135 step by step 65-73-85-90-105-125... :)

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