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The Leica IIIg, GOOEF, introduced in 1957, at the serial number 825001, 3 year after the M3 issue, was to prove the last of the screw models with the Ig, and terminated in 1960 with number 988350.

More improvements added comparing to the last screw predecessors.

The viewfinder has a suspended frame finder which couples with the range finder providing automatic parallax adjustment.

Four small triangles denote the field of view for the 90mm lens.

Slow shutter speed T , to 1/30 on front dial and 1/60 to 1/1000 on top.

Delayed action release equipped and flash syncro automatic.


Illustrated here :

a twin combo in its best dressing I think !


The one on the left is equipped with a Rigid Summicron 2/50 lens, SOSTA, UVa filter and IROOA sun shade.

The one on the right is equipped with the Summilux 1.4/50 lens, SOWGE, UVa filter and XOOIM sun shade.


both have the Leicavit, SYOOM, rapid winder.

Leather ever ready case, ENSOO,

ADVOO close focus device for 50mm lens with original box and instructions for use leaflet.

The originals short and full IIIg camera instructions for use books.


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Hi JC,


I will say it again: I really appreciate your "A little.." contributions!


This is another fantastic picture. The IIIg is my favourite Leica (at the moment...

) and I am impressed that you have both the rigid Summicron and the Summilux in screw mount versions.



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