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Aperture 2: f2f course / workshop / seminar

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Hi everyone,


Does anyone of you know about a good training programme (a course, weekend seminar, workshop) to familiarize oneself with the whole-workflow use of Apple Aperture 2?


I've got the official Apple course as a book and CD-ROM and I know how to use the tutorials on the Apple website. However, I think to really get it work for me I need some face to face teaching by (an) experienced instructor(s).


I'm located in The Netherlands, close to the D/NL border. Location could be one of the adjacent countries like D, NL, B, L, DK, GB, A, CH; language preferably German, English or Dutch (any of them, no matter which one).


Best regards,



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Personally I recommend the training videos on the Aperture homepage. I found them invaluable in the early days. When I don't understand something I usually read all I can find on the subject and there is a wealth of information on the aperture users group in the apple discussions as well as AUPN.


A search of the apple website gave me the following addresses for training in Holland,


Learning Associates International BV (LAI)

Westerkade 18

3116 GK Schiedam,


Phone: +31 10 204 2220


College of MultiMedia

Zeeburgerdijk 50

1094 AE Amsterdam,


Phone: +31 20 462 3939


I don't know if they offer specific Aperture training but they might be worth a call?.


The page I found this information on was Apple - Apple Authorized Training Centers


You could change the country to find other centers outside of Holland.


Hope you find something useful ;)

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Hi guys, thanks very much for the information!

Eoin, the LAI in Schiedam indeed offers a specialized training for Aperture: Apple certification courses. Haven't heard about the quality of these courses; the prices are pretty high though. Thanks for reminding me of user groups. I'll start using them first, and see if I get the information I need.

Kevin, I learned that at my place, an Apple store opened only a few weeks ago. I'll see what they can do for me.





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