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D-Lux 4 - Favorite function button mode?! Why?

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What's your favorite settings for FN button (arrow down). In the custom mode do you use the same association for FN?


My FN settings is quick access to AF MODE. I like to experience a different focusing styles (faster, tracking, multiple etc.) and a quick acces is important to me.


To be easier for respondents I will recap the available option:

- REVIEW (default)







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I have mine set to ISO because I like to be able to change the ISO easily...although I have found that in the 2 weeks since I have had my camera I don't seem to be changing the ISO very often.


Maybe I should think about changing it!

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I first use it as ISO ... but just change back today for the REVIEW mode ... I access the ISO setting with the Q-MENU and it is so easy ... As I uise a 24 mm LEICA VF, and so the back lcd is very often off on my D-LUX, it is finally cool to access the REVIEW mode with that button than with the switch ...

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I also use mine for the "review" function. It's nice to be able to customize it! I started out with it as my ISO button, but it didn't last long.

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I used ISO, but I'll give AF a chance.

Capture One delivers more problems than the camera itself. Perhaps I should cancel the RAW-mode.


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I have set the FN button to adjust White Balance, preset to Custom WB as the AutoWB get's it wrong most of the time.


Really? My Auto WB is just superb. Better than my Canons and better than my M8.

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Really? My Auto WB is just superb. Better than my Canons and better than my M8.


I was thinking the same about the D-LUX 4 Auto WB and my Canons !!!! The Leica is so cool I love it really.

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