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Focomat V35


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Hi all, I'm looking into buying a Leitz Focomat V35 enlarger for my darkroom. A local dealer has one in top condition including a multi-contrast module, 40mm focotar and a focometer 2.


What is a reasonable price to expect to pay for one of these? Is there anything in particular I should look out for when inspecting it?

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I would think in the $7/800 range.


They came with no module. The color module and the multicontrast one were extra. Blank/white can be done with either mod easily and there are advantages to the color one, color can only be printed with color mod.


All were furnished with a 40 Focotar except a few with a 50 mm.


Focometers were expensive meters, but not worth a lot today.


Make sure you get the later double lens mixing box for more uniform light distribution. It can be identified by a pin prick mark in one corner of the lower lens. It is small and very hard to see. You need to remove the top and pull the box up to see it.


It needs the later Phillips 13139 bulb and holder. Original bulbs are not available being replaced with 13139 and a new holder.


Use a voltage reducer to avoid popping $40 bulbs. The one that brings up voltage slowly is nearly impossible to find, but the best. I got one last year after waiting 20 years.

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