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1951, one year after the IIIf issue, Leitz introduced the Leica IIf model, LUOON, with camera serial number 451001, basically a IIIf whithout slow speeds and with the accessory shoe reduced to a spring blade fixed by two screws.


Three different types : Black Dial number, maximum speed 1/500, Red Dial number, maximum speed 1/500 and Red Dial number, maximum speed 1/1000.


The first illustrated here is a Black Dial number, maximum speed 1/500.


With Elmar 3.5/50 Red Dial lens note the first model with rhombus shape of the reference point on the lens flange,

SBOOI mirror reflecting type viewfinder, second model with gripping grooves, 5cm engraved, but not black paint ring at the rear, with leather case COOYA,

Ever ready case ESFUS,

Light meter Leicameter 2, from Metrawatt, METWMT, with incident light screen on and leather case,

Elmar 4/90 lens, ELANG, with chrome front ring, A36 type, with leather case ETINI,

SVGOO mirror reflecting type viewfinder, first type, 9cm engraved in feet scale with CPBOO leather case.




The second illustrated is a Red Dial number, maximum speed 1/1000.


With Elmar 3.5/50 Red Scale lens, second model with triangle shape of the reference point on the lens flange,

Leicavit, rapid winder SYOOM with red box,

Light meter Leicameter 3, from Metrawatt, METTNC, with leather case,

Ever ready case for Leica with fitted rapid winder EPZOO,

Film trimming template ABLON and film cutting knife ABCOO with leather case,

An aluminium container for a film cassete DRXOO,

an instructions leaflet for If, IIf, IIIf models.



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