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1950 is the year of issue for the first Leica IIIf, LOOHN, with serial number 525001 and terminated in 1957 at number 825000, a production run of 184000 models.

Externally the camera looks like a IIIc but features a built in flash syncro for expendable flash but also electronics units. Also a film type indicator is built into the film winding knob.


Three main types :

First model Black Dial : syncro flash 0-20 figures in black under the shutter speeds dial graduated in old style 18/30, 1/40, 1/60 etc.

Illustrated 1951 issued model with :

Summarit 1.5/50 lens, SOOIA, first model wearing the US patent for Taylor, Taylor & Robins, 1950 issued.

XOOIL, UVa filter with box

XOONS, sunshade,

CTOOM, adjustable bracket fitted to the base of the camera for holding flash unit, with box,

CEYOO, flash unit “f” syncro, reflector folding like a fan, with box,

an instructions leaflet for syncronization system use on Leica IIIf.



Second model, Red Dial Dial : syncro flash 0-20 figures in red under the shutter speeds dial featured new shutter speeds scale 1/25, 1/50, 1/75 etc new shutter design.


Illustrated 1953 issued model with :

Summaron 5.6/28 lens, SNOOX,

FIOLA, UVa filter with box,

VIOOH, universal frame viewfinder, last type, straight side, s/n 99xxx,

TUVOO, adaptor for 28mm lens screwed in the nose piece, with box,

SOOBK, sunshade, with box.



Third model, Red Dial but incorporating delayed action , production commenced in 1954 at number 685001.


Illustated a 1954 issued model, ELC ( Ernst Leitz Canada ) manufactured with :

Elmar 3.5/50 Red Scale lens,

Summaron 3.5/35 lens SOONC,

SBLOO, 35mm mirror type view finder with box,

Summarex 1.5/85 lens, SOOCX, made in Germany with ORQPO sunshade and filters in boxes,

Summicron 2/90 lens, SEOOF made in Canada.



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Great to see all those contemporaries of a IIIf.


(Though I have to admit that I am a little bit disappointed, for I was sure you would show an original IIId as well.

If there is really none in your splendid collection, I think I won't have a chance ever to see one outside some books).

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very nice, thanks for showing!



Hello, Mr Braconi !

My name is Pierre Jeandrain and, as a Leica collector since 1970, I very much appreciate your showings. I even saved all your pictures in a special "Braconi" file. The quality of your material is especially noticeable. I must confess that not all the 110 bodies, 300 lenses and about 1,000 accessories I once had in the Fontenelle collection showed the same quality ! If you are interested, I can mail you some photos of the Leica 250 prototype # 114052 I was happy to discover in Belgium. It is still in the original condition, just as it was delivered as special order to an "event photographer" in Antwerp in 1933.

Lager and Laney quote and illustrate some of my items, as well as the newsletter I published in 1980. Now retired in Portugal (I am 75...), I sold most of my collection (through Cornwall auctions and also to Luigi Crescenzi and others) but still keep some pieces, and of course use my M6, R8, M8, Digilux 2 and C-Lux 2.

Hope to admire more of your marvels soon, and perhaps to get a personal contact.


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