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WB on D2


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Thinking about what WB tool might be best for my D2.

The ColorRight Max, Expodisc or just a graycard.

To be able to skip some pp in the computer feels tempting.

What do You use?


Best regards




The obvious presets for sunny or cloudy or tungsten etc.

But in difficult situations you can aim at anything white or grey to do a specific WB adjustment. Works better than auto WB.


Just try it out!


cheers, Rob.

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thanks for your advise and insights on getting the AWB right. From your experience with the D2 and/or D-Lux 4, will the cameras respect a neutral grey card instead of a white one?

And more specifically, is a WhiBal Pocket card large enough and practical for shooting in JPG, thus measuring WB before the shot to it getright?


Many thanks in advance for your view on this




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A piece of paper works but white paper differs in color temperature. The WhiBal is standard - always the same temperature of the grey card itself - and can be carried and if you hold it in front of the lens for manual whitebalancing it works well.

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Hej Thorsten


Tak for dine meget informative sider om Leica og især Digilux 2.

De har været en stor hjælp, så jeg også kunne blive en lykkelig Leica ejer:o)

Føltes lige lidt fjollet at kommunikere med en landsmand på engelsk, men så får alle jo selvfølgelig også glæde af div. informationsudvekslinger.





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Advertisement (gone after registration)

Following usual good shopping suggestion from Thorsten's WEB site I have just bought the new key-chain version of the WhiBal gray card. Should it be too much little? I hope not because it is very nice and practice for connecting it at the camera bag (strictly Digilux 2 original altough different opinion of Thortsen itself)...:)

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@Martin: Jeg havde slet ikke opdaget du var fra Odense!

[translation: we're just writing in Danish after we discovered we from the same country of Hans Christian Andersen ;-)


@pigorini: It's a matter of filling enough of the viewing field for the camera to "get the color." It is my impression it is only a center spot (perhaps 1/5 of the screen) that is used to measure the whitebalance. But I don't know. On the Leica DMR it's 1/10 or less of the center that measures the WhiBal or white paper held in front of the camera.


I often hold the card in a 45 degree angle in front of the lens, very close, but in a way so that the light I want to measure the color temperature of, is hitting the grey card - and making sure the camera is not covering too much of it.


Time will tell if the key chain WhiBal is sufficient but it's a great idea attaching it to the strap.

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