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Wide Angle for a D2


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Perhaps I may be considered pre-historic for having a D2...but I am a happy dinosaur if so. And a poor one, so I am sticking to the D2 for as long as possible.




Question: Are there any attachments for a D2 to convert to a wider angle lens? There are only a few frustrations I have with the digilux 2 and that is the non-detachable lens....oh why?


Oh and the flash - no bouncy bouncy!

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No, you're actually ahead of history :)


Have a look at my page leica.overgaard.dk - Thorsten Overgaard's Leica Sites - Leica Digilux 2 sample photos and tests (as well as Panasonic DMC-LC1) for info on wide angle attachment, flash fun, etc


Also John Thawley made an interesting and effective reflector for the D2 recently which you can find on the forum here: http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/digital-forum/78541-digilux-2-bounce-me.html


An interesting observation I did last week, speaking of being poor, was that almost all the winners of the Danish Press Photographer Associations yearly photo contest used and uses Canon D5 and similar "small" cameras, and not as one should think Canon 1Ds Mark III or some other mighty expensive equipment. Without having discussed this with any of them yet, a qualified guess would be anonymity, discrete, compact, light weight (you can actually live making a living; not carrying a bunch of cameras) and not fearing for theft of super-expensive equipment. The exact qualities the Digilux 2 contain.


As another comfort, the chief White House photographer used to use and own Digilux 2 (alongside the M8 and D5 he uses currently)


So poor and pre-historic?




Studied and learned from history?


More like it :D

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There was a recent thread on this topic - http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/digital-forum/79219-wide-angle-converter-digilux-2-a.html which includes a picture of said lens. Bit of a big brute but said to be wonderful.


The integrated flash seems to bounce pretty well, but there have also been a number of postings suggesting a number of third party flash units. As well as this forum you might also want to check on the Digilux 2 Social Group section of the User Forum. If you hang around both locations you'll find there are lots of D2 nerds out there.

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Wouldn´t know, but have a look at the bay. From time to time one appears at it´s coast.


But - as said before - a heavy beast, a VERY big and heavy beast. I´am always fearing for the life of the beautiful D2-SUMMICRON when I use it. The big glass in front looks weird too, I don´t think the designer would be nominated for an oscar.


In case you get one, handle it carefully, in case it drops your camera is gone for ever ...





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Unless it has been snapped up, isn't there a W/A attachment in the Buy & Sell at the moment?

(Brian, you're not thinking of the Elpro-D close-up lens that was on Buy & Sell a couple of weeks ago are you?)





The wide-angle adaptor you're looking for is the Panasonic DMW-LW69.



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