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C1 quits


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Was the C1 on a trial basis? or may be you would consider un-installing the program and re-install it again, just in case there are some file corruption ... just my guess.

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What version and what C1? There was just a release for stability on the Mac platform (Pro 4.6.2) you might want to download that and try it.


BTW--in general--C1 is more sensitive than many other apps to questionable memory. If your physical memory is borderline in terms of errors, etc... C1 is known to simply fold and go away. So if the latest code is doing that, and you're not running anything strange in the background, I'd do a memory check.

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It's the latest version (4.6.2).

C1 did quit with my former G5 (even a complete overhaul of that machine by Apple, including new processor, new motherboard and complete memory check) and it quits with my brand new iMac.

I doubt it's memory related and that's why I stopped using it for a while.

Now it's a pity because I really wanted to give it another try, seriously.

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