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Leica Ic, OEIGO, produced as replacement for the Leica Standard, from 1949 to 1952.

Here we have, illustrated, two different issues and covers.

First for the left with standard vulcanite, with

Elmar 3.5/50 lens, coated & with international scale iris numbers,

On top a SBOOI, 5cm, reflecting viewfinder, first model without gripping grooves and

FOKOS chrome range finder.

Second is a “sharkskin” kind vulcanite cover, topped by

a SOOUT Cradle type reflected frame finder for 90 lens frame,

Elmar 4/90 lens, ELANG with “sharkskin” kind vulcanite cover band,

Hektor 4.5/135 lens HEFAR with “sharkskin” kind vulcanite cover band

and FIKUS sunshade.

FOKOS range finder on top of its red box.

Evereadycase ESOOG for Leica Ic with FOKOS range finder.



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