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Characteristics, pushing versus buying

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What's the difference in looks or characteristics between a film, say Ilford HP5+, pushed two stops to 1600 and a film that is actually rated at 1600?


Ok, and another question...


I noticed that at my local camera store slide film is refrigerated, but black/white film is not. Should B/W film be refrigerated? Or is refrigeration only to prevent color shifting?

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The 1600 will have more grain, the pushed 400 will have less shadow detail.


I like pushed 400 more for my type of pix.

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i will take as an example two fims that i know masterly...


ilford hp5 and neopan1600 fuji....


generally, fuji is more grainy but it has some smothness in the grain which looks perfect... as for, the neopan 1600 is not harsh at all in the grain, and that gives it some special and unique look that i personally like very much. i use it on 3200.


ilford at 1600 is amazingly good. if u know how to process it (the secret here is very gentel agitation) then it is not harsh at all most of the time..... again, the secret here is not to push too much the light tones into the harsh areas, hence the gentel agitation (then adjust the time of developing).

u will end up with supremely beautiful negative which will be printed greatly on halogen type of enlargers (do not use condensor enlargers here ). great sharpness impression, beautiful grain with character, punchy tonalities....


also,, if u have a very contrasty lighting (which is very common in low light situations) then it is better to use the neopan 1600 since u are at far less risk to make the negative harsh like u can be at risk with the hp5.

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