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can anyone tell me anything about this lens?

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i was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about one of my lenses. it is a summicron 1:2/50 lens. it also has what i think is a serial #1811686 . I inherited it from my uncle and cant find anything about it on the internet. i am mostly curious about its value. i was told that it is "missing its eyes" and is hazy. here are some pictures. hope they help. thanks!

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It's a Dual Range (DR) 50mm f/2 Summicron.

It originally came with a set of goggles that allowed you to focus it closer then a normal 50mm Summicron.

After attaching the eyes/goggles you pulled the lens focusing ring out and turned it so the stop was on the other side of the tab.


What is it worth?

Not very much without the goggle and because of the haze.

If it had NO haze, and I mean NO haze, it might be worth 300-500 depending on the overall condition of the lens. If it was in original condition with the original eyes/goggles, box, paper work and the glasss was as new it would be worth much more to a collector but not to the normal M camera users.

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  1. Welcome to the forum!
  2. In case you want to sell it here, please read this.
  3. You say "one of your lenses", good. So your uncle gave you more than the 50 cron? Great! You also got an M-camera and better lenses? Wonderful! This one needs serious and expensive work. Not worth for sellers, maybe partly for users (if they don´t need the close-up function).


p.s. This is an old lens, so i moved your posting to this category.

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As it has already been said, it's a Summicron DR 2.0/50mm (introduced 1957).


Here's some more info:


Leica M 50/2 Dual Range Summicron


Summicron 2/50mm


The lens should have come with a set of 'goggles', that are used in the close-up mode. Without the goggles it is still perfectly useable and acts like a normal lens that will focus from 1 meter to infinity. With the goggles you can focus from 1 meter to 19 inches.


Pretty much any Summicron of this vintage will have haze, unless it has been serviced. The haze does not make it unuseable, but it increases the chance of flare if you point it directly in to a bright light. Some people actually like the flare from an aestetic point of view.


Be careful when you clean the front element. The coatings are soft and can be damaged if you wipe too vigorously or without using some optical cleaning fluid (or breath). I clean my DR by gently dragging a damp cleaning tissue around the surface and let the weight of the wet tissue do the work. Just be gentle.


This is a very, very good lens and by most considered a true classic in Leica lens history. It has moderate contrast and very high resolution. The DR and it's cousin the 'Rigid' are considered very desireable for black and white work (the Rigid lacked the close focus mode, but they shared the same optical formula).


Depending on condition it should be worth between $300-700. A very clean example even without the goggles can still fetch $300-500. You can find spare goggles for $50-150.


Look here for prices:


KEH Camera: Used Cameras, Digital Cameras, Film Cameras, Laptop Computers and More.

The Photo Village, Inc.

Collectible Cameras: Used Cameras, Vintage Cameras, Film Cameras, Digital Cameras and More


You can have the lens overhauled by Leica or a good shop like DAG Camera Parts or Sherry Krauter.com -- Home of the Golden Touch.   


Look here for more service centers.


: :LHSA : : Independent Camera Repair Facilities


I've owned one of these for about 10 years and it's one of my all time favorite lenses. Leica overhauled mine about 5 years ago, which was money well spent.

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