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Leica II , in black paint and nickel, 1932 first batch issued, with Xenon 1.5/50 XEMOO and barn door type sunshade XIOOM topped by a VIDOM first model black & nickel.

In chrome, 1938 issued, with Hektor 2.5/50 HEKTO, topped by a VIDOM chrome with box.

Both surrounded by contemporary lenses :

Hektor 6.3/28 HOOPY with respective sunshade SOOHN & viewfinder,

Elmar 3.5/50 EKURZ with respective black painted sunshade,

Summar 2/50 nickel black ring SUMMUS & box, with respective sunshade SOOMP & box,

Hektor 1.9/73 HEGRA with respective sunshade,

Thambar 2.2/90 TOODY with dot filter & sunshade,

Elmar 4/90 ELANG,

“Berg Elmar”6.3/105,ELZEN (all black painted),

Hektor 4.5/135 TOODY

A collapsible/adjustable sunshade 50/90/135 FIKUS,

A self timer APDOO & box

An angle viewer/finder WINTU & box.

A catalog from august 1932 titled Warum Leica ? that I use as my avatar


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YEA !!! Wonderful lens set... I never saw a all-black Berg Elmar...my one is "almost-all-chrome"...

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My goodness, what DON'T you have?!!!

Wonderful pictures of wonderful items. I am green with envy and admiration.

Keep the pictures coming.



Ask him about a Leica 250...

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Wow! The condition of the set and accessories is superb. Thank you for sharing these; it makes my day!

Best regards


PS: What is the history behind the black nose VIOOH? I believe it had a short production run, can anyone help?

This is the very first issue black VIOOH, the second black one have a collar in between the cone and the cylinder

Thank you all for your kind comments.

I will follow posting with the chronology of the Leica evolution.

Luigi, you are right (at least for the moment

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