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Aperture question ????

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Does Aperture have the ability to put borders around

photographic files?? (pictures)


I have searched for threads on this question and had no luck,

so am assuming no i can't, but wanted to ask anyway. I also have Iphoto and can't figure it out their either.


I would greatly appreciate any feedback.


Thank you all.

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Hi there underground,


Aperture does not have the ability to put borders around images - not in it's standard form that is. You can download third party add ons (plugin's) that will allow you to do this. Your best source for this is the Apple download site Apple - Downloads - Mac OS X - Aperture


I have also tried doing this in iPhoto but have been disappointed in the results. Seems you can only add shaded borders or faded borders (personally I like something like the classic Polaroid Border).


Hope this helps a bit.



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