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Acessories for D lux 4


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Hi, and welcome to the forum!


"Must buy" accessories will probably depend on what you're planning to use the D-Lux4 for; so, for example if you're going to shoot at night then a tripod will be handy, or if you want to shoot super-wide then the Panasonic LX-3's wide-angle attachment lens may be useful.


Many people who use the D-Lux4 have taken advantage of its hot-shoe and use an external viewfinder instead of the LCD screen to compose shots but this won't provide a zoomed or focussed view. The Leica external vf is quite expensive and some users have opted for the less-expensive LX-3 vf or another appropriate vf they may already own instead.


Personally I use a Voigtlander 21mm external vf that I already had and I also bought the LA-4 lens adaptor and polarising filter for those rare sunny days with clear blue skies. :rolleyes:


I haven't bought a protective filter because lens coatings are quite resilient these days providing they aren't abused, and a protective filter would invite flare in some lighting situations.


If one wasn't supplied with the camera, a case and strap will be useful too.




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can anyone advise or recommend any must buy accessories for the leica d lux 4 ?


like tripod, lens filter to protect the lens




As Pete had mentioned - the lens adapter along with a few good filters and perhaps a pedal hood as well should be considered. I found that it's easier (and more stable) to hold the camera with the adapter.


Just ordered the hand grip, will see how useful that is when it arrives...


I would also suggest a TTL flash with bounce - The Olympus FL-36 is an option, although a little big, it does work flawlessly with the DL4.


Last, but not least, is a suitable case like Luigi, or possibly the limited edition ever-ready case by Leica (similar to the one that comes with the Ti edition but comes in a Mocha colour) and/or neck/wrist strap (check out Gordy's).


Bills for this little camera can add up really quickly... But that's part of the joy of photography, isn't it?? (That's what I keep telling the wife :rolleyes:)

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viewfinder a great tool.

And the Luigi case is something I also have for my other camera.

Here are some pics of the case and the finder:


Please note that this is actually a Leica M finder.

It works very well, but it does not allow the flash to pop up.

The original D-Lux finder is slightly smaller and does not have that problem.

I just could not wait until that finder hits the shelves.


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Advertisement (gone after registration)

and now there's to be a new ever-ready case for the D-LUX 4 (looks similar to the one bundled with the D-LUX 4 Titanium) @ GBP125*


*as reported by Red Dot Cameras - Leica Cameras, Leica Binoculars, Metz Flashguns, Manfrotto Tripods, Leitz


West Coast Cameras' got them in stock for US$189.95 if anyone's interested :-)

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Guest smithdonald

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