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light leak? curtain sticking?


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the strip that appeas in both frames happens more often when shooting vertically and looks like a leak. the other band that is only in the first frame could be the curtain sticking?



the camera was cla'd in canada by kinderman around august 08 for the tune of $400. it was displaying the horizontal bar (that looks like a leak) before it was cla'd and i hadn't noticed it again until recently.


if this weren't bad enough, i lost three rolls of film from my other leica which totally froze up. the curtain never fully opened. though it is perhaps my own fault as it has not be cla'd in a while.





anyone seen anything like this? if so how did you solve the problem?


thank you.

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My M6 had the same problem as shown in your second photo. A foam seal was replaced when I had it CLA'd several months ago, but it only mitigated the problem without completely fixing it. The shop guarantees its work, so now it's back for a second round of repair.


The light leak only occurs in bright sunlight, but its source is a mystery so far. I suspected it could be remedied by keeping the camera in a half-case, but it should be light-tight on principle.

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sorry for the late reply, i was in an airport when i first posted. i since moved to london and had to find somewhere to live etc before getting back to this.


yes its an m6, no its not development as its only on a few frames and always ones shot in bright light. i think i figured out the cause. it appears the camera was dropped by a previous owner and is slightly bent. the baseplate does not sit entirely flat against the camera. i bent the baseplate to better fit the camera and it now fits tighter. if this doesn't entirely solve the problem then a little bit of tape around the baseplate will.




ps. as for the frozen thing, i have to get it cla'd still and then will see.

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