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Village LIfe (4 Photos)


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jc, I'm very happy to share these with those who like them.


wls, thanks glad you like them. I also would rather had some space between images, if only I could figure out how to do that. Maybe I'm better off sticking to posting one photo at a time.


Ivan, thank you. the 4th is also my favorite of the bunch. If and when I post multiple shots again it will be after I learn how to put some space between the shots.


Gunnar, thanks for commenting I appreciate it.


Ben, thanks, it was an overcast day and had been raining earlier, so the stone streets throughout the entire village helped with getting the tones, especially the 4th shot.


Doc Henry, thank you very much, glad you like them.


Kemal, thanks. Indeed another world only a short distance from a major city, of course here you find other worlds within the cities.


Amado, thanks for commenting. For the man on horseback, under the circumstances I'm happiest that I got both his feet in the stirrups, his head in focus, and him framed between the two buildings. It doesn't show, amazingly, that horse was carrying him up that stone street at quite a clip. I was using my IIIf with the 5cm Elmar, peeking through that tiny window to focus and shifting my eye to the other tiny window to frame. A wonder I didn't get run down.


Martin, I appreciate your comments and that you liked the horse rider shot. The 4th is my overall favorite and I like the 3rd because it was one that surprised me that it even came out, never mind that good because of the circumstances.

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#3 is very nice -- to my mind the best of the series. The others I must be honest don't wuite work for me -- they're a bit 'flat'. I think it's because they are quite static with little apparent interaction between subjects and photographer. I prefer the action and momentum of #3.



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