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Some upgrade pricing questions and advice quest

rami G

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Hi all, I would be thankful for any advice regarding the two following concerns:


a. I wonder if anybody could remind me of the pre-increase upgrade prices. I was being promised by Leica rep. that I will be charged old prices for the upgrade, as I registered my upgrade in advance, I just received a quote today of the full upgrade for 1680,67Eur. If I remember correctly, this is a couple of hundred Euros higher than the pre-increase price. This is for the full upgrade. I will be thankful if anybody could remind me of the different options of upgrade price. I failed to locate it anywhere online.


b. I sent 3 lenses that are highly problematic to use on the M8. I was recently advised by Leica rep. that they will need special adjustment to work properly with my M8. I didn't realize this will require any further expense on my part, in particular, in the cases of two lenses that I sent in the past for coding. These are the 28 cron asph and 35 lux asph, both of which I coded after I purchased the M8, and the non-coded 75 lux. I received a quote for full CLA and M8 adjustment for each one of them. Altogether, my quote is for more than 2300 Euro for the upgrade and the adjustment , which is significantly more than I was planning to pay. 238,96 Euro of it is for the 75lux, an investment I am happy to make. I am rather confused how to react about the quotes for the 28, 35. I was happy to buy my M8 rather early. Afterwards, I discovered serious focus problems with the 28 and 35 and I guess it was reasonable to expect that any required adjustment needed for the lenses to work with the M8 would be executed while I sent them for coding. (I pointed out the issues in details when I sent them for coding). However, they never did end up working properly on the M8. The 35 suffers from significant focus shift and the 28 has various focus issues that makes it even less usable. Both work fine on my film bodies. As a result, I use my M8 only with my 21 Elmarit asph and the 50 cron (both focus perfectly in all apertures and distances) and skip the 28 and 35 because of focus issues. Again, not only that the lenses are GOOD lenses, I already paid for the service I was advised by Leica (the coding). If Leica new that the lenses need further adjustments why didn't they perform them back then? Does it make sense that I will have to pay this sum again in order to be able, finally, to use my lenses on the M8?!!


I will appreciate any advice.




(ps. to preempt the question: "why I didn't send it before?": I was lazy, I used my 5D and 35 1.4 at the range, I didn't know there is a solution until I was told by Leica that there is, indeed, a special adjustment they could make to the "two most problematic lenses with the M8" (quote from their rep.)).

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Just to keep the updated session of talking to myself :)


- Leica quickly corrected the mistaken price they quote me originally.


- Leica will charge me only if I choose full CLA for the lenses, but they will adjust the lenses optically for the M8 for free, if I choose only that.


Leica were extremely helpful and comprehensive, addressing each one of my concerns and presented me with a line of alternative solutions to my choice and budged. Of course, the result is that I am happy again so I will have the full upgrade and the full CLA for all three lenses...

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