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WATE Milich Adapter


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I am wanting to purchase this adapter for my WATE, but would like to hear any comments from members who use this adapter on their Tri Elmar. I currently use the Leica 67mm filter holder, but find it quite bulky.


I have both adapters. I stated using the one from Milich (nice guy, BTW) because the one from Leica wasn't available at that time. Now, I'm using the Leica one with the 67mm UV/IR filter + extra Leica 67mm lens cap.


Why? Because the "red corners" issue @16mm (and even @18mm). If you use Milich adapter, you'll get red corners... This problem have been discussed here before a few times. The reason you don't get them with the Leica one, it's probably because the glass formula used by Leica in the 67mm UV/IR filter is not the same.


On the other hand, the one from John Milich is smaller, more equilibrate, more discret...


Now it's up to you to decide which one

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I have the Milich adapter and have found it to be the pefrect solution.

I use the Leica filter and have experienced no problems.

If the Milich adapter didn't exist, I wouldn't even have purchased the WATE.

The service from John was excellent, shipping to me in the Netherlands was prompt and perfect and his advice on removing the filter from the mount very helpful.


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I think you only get the red corners if you use a non Leica filter on the WATE, such as a B+W version. On the really wide angles, the corrections Leica has programmed works best with the Leica filter. The B+W is slighlty different in stregth/performance. On my 24mm and longer lenses I used the B+W filters without any ill effect.


I use the Milich Adapter on the WATE with a Leica filter and it works great.



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The Milich adapter works perfectly and I have never experienced any problems with color drift or something. I mounted a Leica UV/IR in mine, and it may be that other filters produce less good results, I don`t know.


Here is the Barnack market in Wetzlar, with the WATE at 18mm.

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

I, too, have the WATE with the Milich adapter--I have been using the combination for about a year, with no problems at all. I agree with the poster who said he would not have gotten the WATE if not for the Milich adapter. Those of us who use it are grateful to John for providing this "solution". Just one caution (and this is well documented in this forum): this is something John does on the side, and sometimes he is out of the country, so don't always expect immediate responses to your e-mails.



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Well, I can tell you I get red corners when I use Milich adapter (which has Leica glass from a 49mm UV/IR Leica filter... not B+W)...


This issue has been discussed many times... just now, using the "Research" fonction on this forum I've found immediately few threads. Just two exemples:


Sean Read said: "I'm told by Leica, are specifically designed for their 67 mm filter (which Leica says is different from a 49). So a Leica 49 on the WATE is sometimes not fully corrected by the M8 and a 486 will be even further off."


Another thread: Why are the corners RED? where robsteve says: "It has been mentioned that the latest firmware has fine tuned the vignette correction to match the Leica UV-IR filters." ...and I would simply add: with the glass of 67mm UV/IR Leica filter :)


I like the size of the Milich adapter, I like its egonomy, I like John Milich (who I have met twice in NY)... but I get better results at 16mm with the Leica adapter... and that's a fact ;)

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I have been using the Milich adapter on my WATE with the glass from the leica IR filter for ages and the hood in place and have never noticed a problem with red corners. I lost track of which way round the filter was when fitting it so maybe just lucked out. Others on the forum have not noticed a difference whichever way the filter was mounted.

Incidentally I tend to use the lens set at 16mm most of the time and crop the file afterwards as I always forget to reset the camera software in between shots.

Remember to keep your finger tip well away from the thread on the adaptor as it is razor sharp. If you can't get a rubber bung then the end of an eraser will do the trick. It pays to take your time so the thread catches smoothly when fitting the filter.

I have been impressed with the quality of John's work and his after sales support: just be patient with the response time. We are fortunate that he bothers to produce these various gizmos as they do make a great a big difference to our enjoyment and handling of our Leicas. Alain

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