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NJ M8 Service is a joke.

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Gene, you got my attention there! I went from a past with CL, M4-2, R5, M6HM and M7 to Canon 20 D and back to M8. See my on website why. But no regrets with the 20D and it is not out the door. Its 17-55/2.8 EF is very good, and already in 2005 the camera shone in low light conditions. However the combo is huge, and that is why I am happy to be back with M.




I just cannot seem to do well with Canon cameras. They just do not fit well with my style, I guess. My R8 and DMR will be back from Leica NJ on Tuesday after getting properly mated to each other. It is a big package but it operates so easily and without complication, and the pics are great. The perfect compliment to my M8.


As for the 20D, I may give it to a grand daughter or just sell it and put the money toward a new lens or something. ;-)



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I had rather questionable service experience with LeicaUSA/NJ back in the 90's when I had a cafe latte spill into my camera bag onto a 90 Summicron lens with lens cover on. Even that small amount worked its way into the lens causing a terrible fog. It took Leica NJ a couple of months to figure out that they had to send it back to I think Wetzlar back then for disassembly, cleaning and reassembly. If I can remember, I think they only charged me for the shipping to and from Germany because it took them 6 months+ for them to do so. I thought that was commendable.


Most recently, I had my fairly new 21 Elmarit crap out and seize during a shoot, where I had sent it in to NJ. Then a week after, I shot a wedding reception where the green blobs and fluorecsing color pixels showed up on my photographs. After calling Leica/NJ, I emailed some of the many picture files to Mark Brady and Peter Sames with these artifacts. They determined that I should return the M8 for sensor replacement. Coincidentally my appointment for the upgrade was to come up in the month of March, but had not been contacted to precisely what day. I explained to them that I have scheduled projects that I will be using my equipment and to see if they could get my 21mm lens that was already there and the M8 done and returned to me in order that I could meet my obligations. I also requested that the upgrade be done at the same time to eleviate a second down period. Dave Ewell who I spoke with,as the manager of the service department in NJ made the necessary arrangements and I got everything done and back within 2-1/2 weeks.


I couldn't get them to toss in the vulcanite, but they were able to expedite the work demonstrating that they are more than willing to work with those who are depending on their equipment to generate revenue.


A copy of the Leica Service mail-in survey accompanied the lens and body where I will be filling completing it after I have a chance to shoot a project or two.

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