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Bridge, ACR CS3 and DLux4....


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Well, Adobe has a complicated explanation on its website, about linearity and lens corrections embedded in the DNG file... If read carefully it suggests there is a way to use CS3. But I cannot make it out.:( Anyway, I'm not upgrading to CS4 for just my wife's DLux4:mad: . I would have to recreate my library of plug-ins.

I'm a bit peeved by Leica. First, for M8 and DMR they make a big song and dance about the superiority of the DNG format and then they release a camera with some silly proprietary RAW:mad:

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You have to use the latest RAW to DNG converter program to, as you suspect, convert the L?? files to DNG files.

Then you can open those converted files in ACR 4.X.

Or you could just upgrade your PS version to CS4 or install the latest version of C1.

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