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Kids' demonstration


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The problem with the horizontal framing is that there was a metal railing right next to the kids. With a landscape shot that became more prominent than I liked - see shot below illustrating what I mean.


These were all pretty much grab shots and all you can do is work with what you're given. I took about 7 or 8 frames then moved on.




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I think I like the horizontal one better, even with the metal railing, it doesn't really bother me. You see metal railing in your vertical frame one too anywayz. The horizontal frame feels so much more balanced and complete in term of space and atmostphere. I'm not suggesting vertical frame is bad, I just think that vertical will make more sense if, let say you want to include more building or sky or ground into your frame as to add more elements to the image. But yet your vertical picture didn't really stretch up and down neither include anything more elements than the horizontal. I understand lots of time we have to compromise especially for street photography b/c things are blocking the view. After all, this is my point of view. But I thought it would be interesting to exchange different ideas. :) BTW, if priority of your choice are facial expressions of the subjects, then I agree with Kirk that vertical one with the old man observing the kids playing drum is more interesting.

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