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Ryan -


This is terrific, and a mystery how it has gone over 85 minutes in such a popular part of the Forum without getting any comments. Wonderful for moment, detail, depth, texture, pattern, composition, light and color.

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stuny, thank you always for your leadership in this photo forum. i really appreciated your thoughtfulness in all of your comments.


roguewave, i agree illogical things are always fascinating. i was thinking maybe he was trying to flatten the cans, but then there's no need to line them up so neatly.


TONTONTINTIN.123, yes, it seems that he's gonna get trapped inside of the rectangle he's making.


wda, yes a puzzle for the viewers to wonder what the heck he is doing. lol


Bo_Lorentzen and vdb, thank you again and always.

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Astounding picture, very well spotted and composed. Great capture.

The purpose is probably selling the cans for some money. Something like that was gong on in NYC years ago among the homeless people.

Mybe he's just proud of his big collection and line it up to better look at it.

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