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Trekking in the French alps


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A charming shot with human interest, a sense of moving back in time, & a lovely feeling of depth!


It might gain from a little more post-processing. This shot is worth it! Consider correcting the tilt on the left with perspective crop, & give us a bit more shadow detail?


(I agree with Jaap re: 'drop-shadow' framing - a modern digital touch that works against the timelessness of the image?)



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Marie-Louise, you continue to produce great material. I urge you to invest more time in digging out all the great stuff in these files and make decisions about what you feel & experience in these frames. Then show us, so we can see you in them. All the best.

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Jaapv, Kirk, Enrico and Ben,


I knew I could rely on you guys... ;)


This is exactly what I'm looking for in this forum....feedback that will lead me to improve !


(patter, patter, patter.... back to digital darkroom :D )


All the best



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This is terrific.


If there's any more detail in the shadow of the tree (where the chickens are) and you can pull that out, you have a real "hanger" here.


Really good work.


If you are into black and white, I urge you to buy one of the books by James Ravilious. A real inspiration for the sort of shot you show here. No longer with us, unfortunately.

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