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Blade Change


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Hi Al,


Another brilliant image. The black and white make this image. Industrial Photography is an often overlooked field, and one that can be so rewarding. You capture a moment in time, especially in the construction industry, that will never be repeated again. That little D-Lux seems like quite a camera. Thanks for sharing.



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I think this is potentially the best of all the generator shots you have shown us.

Here in the UK we have had a little trouble from UFOs.

UPDATE PLUS VIDEO FOOTAGE: Tentacle UFO spotted night before carnage at Conisholme wind farm - Louth Leader


The official line now seems to be the blade broke off due to extremely cold weather (by which they mean about -8 Centigrade), presumably you would regard this as mild Winter weather?

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Blades fail. It's no big deal, and not the sign of anything more sinister. IMHO of course.


Erm yes, as an engineer I understand that. ;) The interesting issue for me is not the one that "fell off" it is the other two remaining on the mast. They have gone "all wiggly" which with composite materials usually requires a massive amount of heat. I suspect ball-lightning, or some such unusual (but natural) phenom.


Of course, in Lincolnshire small grey people with bulging eyes and three fingers are fairly common with, or without, banjos and chain-saws........ :D

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