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Trexta -- the leather case mfg-er for D-Lux 4


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I was at MacWorld in San Francisco today, and I was surprised to find a booth showing the brown & black D-Lux 4 leather cases. The booth belonged to Trexta, a Turkish company, who makes the cases. I was hoping to score a "show special" but they only sell the cases to OEMs. They were at the show to promote their forthcoming iPhone cases, which they will sell to consumers. They're also at CES in Vegas.


I was also surprised to see two more Leica-branded brown leather cases with belt loops, one with the same dimensions as the D-Lux 4 case, and the other maybe two inches longer. They both open at the top, no flap, but the top part of the back folds out a bit. They're designed very nicely, and the D-Lux 4 should fit. Apparently, they're for Leica binoculars, but I couldn't find any info on them on the Leica pages or any online stores.


They may be a good alternative to the D-Lux 4 case, because you may be able to store the battery charger and extra memory cards as well as the camera in a nice Leica-branded case.



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The Trexta case looks similar to the Leica-brand case sold here. I didn't like it because the camera's shoulder strap had to be smashed into the case. Cases seem to be such a personal issue making it very difficult to recommend. That particular case included a battery and sold for $80.00, which is an excellent price for both items.

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