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This photo lost much of its vibrancy when it was uploaded and posted on this forum. Does anyone know why that happened and how I can avoid this in the future?


However, when I emailed it no changes occurred. Hmm.



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Hi, Doug -


The image was posted without an attached profile, & that could be why you weren't happy with the tones. You get best results on the web if you convert the file to sRGB before posting.


(In PS, Edit>Convert to Profile>sRGB. That's 'Convert to Profile,' not 'Assign Profile.')




PS,I agree with vdb, except that I'm unsure about selective focus. Is the sharpest focus on the hair intentional? If it's what you 'meant to say,' then all is well!

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Thanks for the feedback. Let's see if the vibrancy is now restored. I understand what you mean about the focus but I sort of like it the way it is. The 50 Lux ASPH shot at 1.4 can do some great things. I bet the new Nocti will be even better with tricks- as it should be for 10 grand..

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