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V-Lux 1 rebate continues


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While my R8/DMR is lounging about at Leica for service it struck me that I should have a plan B if they can’t get it repaired and back to me in time for an unusually photogenic opportunity. Buy a V-Lux 1. the good news is that the rebate (according to the J&R site) now runs the full month of January. Couldn't tell on the B&H site, which shows the camera to be out of stock.


We'll see what Leica NJ has to say today regarding the timing of the repair. I'd clearly prefer to use the DMR, but if necessary....

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Stuart - I remember you've make such wonderfull pictures with the FZ-20. I own the Fz-20 and the V-Lux 1. The V-Lux is my more loved camera because of the manual zoom. The pictures are also very good, mabye a little bit better. And you have the 10 MP and the RAW. And the jpg are simply great.


So the V-Lux doesn't beat the DMR, but it is a very good camera for travel.


So if you like sometimes "small baggage", buy it ;)

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The DMR/R8 is on its way back to me, and will arrive at my office Monday or Tuesday The contacts on the batteries (I have three) had built-up enough oxides that they made intermittent connection, causing the problem. Unlike other electrical contacts (such as think of phono plugs on the back of your audio gear), there is no wiping action as the batter is inserted or removed, so oxides can build up. The solution is to periodically clean the contacts at least with a pencil eraser, or with a chemical contact cleaner used for high-end audio. I suspect that having had two long holidays in hot, humid, seaside climates (Papua New Guinea and Borneo, both including a significant amount of time scuba diving) took its toll on the contacts.


As has always been my experience with Leica-NJ, they were most professional in keeping me apprised of what is happening, and what to do. Thank you Mark and Dave.

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