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Leica Collection Value


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My father loved this forum and was a very active participant for many years. Sadly he died last March and we miss him daily. I now have his extensive collection of Leica cameras and lenses. I would appreciate learning more about how to value the collection. I am a visual artist but not much gifted with film photography. I would like to keep the core of the collection but perhaps sell some of it to fund a high end digital camera. Are any of the R lenses compatible with a Leica digital back? .That is my ideal but I don't know if it works that way. Regardless there are many telephoto lenses that I would probably never use as well as an SL ans SL2 and a variety of lenses to vast to contemplate! Any help in pointing me in the direction of reliable information is much appreciated and thank you.

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Are any of the R lenses compatible with a Leica digital back?


A digital Leica camera, most likely by the name R10, will be announced later this year. That camera will be compatible with most if not all R lenses. Probably worth the wait if you already have a good selection of R lenses.





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Guest darkstar2004

Our sympathies on the loss of your father.


When I lost my dad to a heart attack, it was unexpected, traumatic and an extremely painful and dark time in my life. I found that life does go on and that as time passes, the pain heals but never entirely goes away. He will always be missed, as I'm sure your father will always be missed.


Best of luck in researching the value of his (now your) Leica gear. As someone else pointed out, eBay completed auctions will give a good indication of the value of the individual pieces of gear. Of course, you can sell/trade to a dealer, but you will get about half of what they will sell it for.

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Are any of the R lenses compatible with a Leica digital back? .That is my ideal but I don't know if it works that way.


I'm very sorry to hear of your loss and hope that you have many happy memories of your father to help you at this sad time.


On the subject of using R lenses with a digital back, Leica did make such a back until a couple of years ago when production ceased due to circumstances beyond their control. It's called the Digital-Modul-R (or, more usually, a DMR) and replaces the standard back on a Leica R8 or R9 camera. Examples are available secondhand, but are expensive. See: https://secure.ffordes.com/index.htm I have one and wouldn't willingly part with it. It produces digital images at least as good as those from the Leica M8 digital rangefinder camera, but the R8/DMR with a 28-90 zoom (my normal outfit) is pretty heavy compared with the M8 and a small Voigtlander 28mm f3.5, lens which is my alternative.


You could probably trade in the R telephoto lenses the SL, SL2, and any other items from your father's collection that you don't want, against a DMR and an R9. The digital R10 is likely to be even more expensive than the DMR plus a secondhand R8 or R9 when it does appear.

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Welcome to the forum, although perhaps we would have preferred to meet you under happier circumstances. I am sorry for your loss.


Like you, I inherited my own father's Leica gear back in 2007 -- I too came here to obtain expert advice on how to think about this wonderful equipment. (http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/digital-forum/24950-newbie-question-about-r-series-lens.html) -- my interests in joining this forum were similar to your own. Having been a visitor here now for nearly two years, here's my perspective on your situation.


I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry to start disposing of the gear you now own. I recommend spending some time getting accustomed to what you have. As you can find the time, use the equipment and take some pictures. Try to figure out what you really will use going forward and what's just going to sit on the shelf, collecting dust. Don't be in too much of a hurry to rush toward digital photography -- film is a lot of fun. Ask questions here if you have technical difficulties or want to know how something is supposed to work -- the members of this forum are quite generous with their expert advice and they love to help out. They've made me feel welcome here and have helped me solve what were, for me, difficult issues to resolve.


From my own experience, I can say that my attitudes about my Dad's gear have evolved with time. I still own everything I inherited and with each passing month I have more affection for, and appreciation of, the items that my father so lovingly acquired over many years. I'm happy shooting film and find it difficult to contemplate parting with any of his camera bodies or lenses.


Good luck and best wishes.

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thank you all so much for your kind words....I can understand why my father was so fond of this forum. And Arpey I appreciate very much what your advice to take this slowly.... I've always looked at my father photos with wonder and now I'm looking at the lenses and cameras that he used to make them and they are undeniably beautiful objects. I would truly hope to find a way to use them successfully and perhaps preserve the legacy for my own children.

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I'd really just like to second what the others have said. Using your father's Leica gear is a great way to appreciate what made him special. And don't sell it straightaway, hang on to it for a while. If you do decide you don't need an item, you can offer it for sale via the forum.


As for Leica R gear, it's possible to use the lenses with a Canon digital DSLR with an adapter. Others will have the details.


The Leica SL reflex was a brilliant model, one of the finest SLRs ever made. For some examples of inspiring nature pictures made with this camera, see: http://www.wildlightphoto.com/


More also at: Photoethnography.com - Photoethnography Equipment


Take care,



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