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Vietnam revisited, water scape


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Marco, an excellent capture. I believe you can extract a bit more detail from this that would add a lot of context & depth. Fine work here.


Ben: you are right. This is already a second DPP-ed version as I'm trying to get more detail without boosting the contrast too much. And the water needs more detail also: now it stil is a little gray. Oth before it was more like snow ... :p I'll let it rest some and come back to it. Will show differences in DPP forum.


Doc, Ivan, Martin, Stuart, Carlos, Peter: humble thanks. Still learning, as you see.



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Gunnar, Rolo, Enrico: :D !


A question: I just saw my photo's on a different screen and was surprised by a) the flatness of the B&W and B) there was a thick BLUE line around the white frame ... that should be 1px black.


Was this just a crappy screen or are you seeing that as well. This difference between Mac and PC and in between the various screens is really bugging me.




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Marco, I see the picture well contrasted, especially the boats (even the water and the sand) and the background much more light (I think it's due to depth). No blue line around the white frame, only the thin regular black one.

That's probably a crappy screen. Anything seems ok on my Apple 20" screen.

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